Commissioning Work

“Five easy steps will bring that piece of furniture from your dreams to your home.”



After the initial contact is made with the client, a meeting is set up in the customer’s home to determine exactly where the unit will be placed. At this time a design can be made to fit in with the character of the house (wood type, finish, door style) We can also see if there are any conflicts (e.g.; outlets, air vents) that need to be worked out. Some rough measurements will be taken at this time and a rough sketch will be made.


Another meeting will be made approximately one week later. At this engagement a CAD drawing with the estimate will be presented. There is no charge for an estimate. If the client requests the CAD drawing, a fee of $400 or 10% of the estimate which ever is larger will be paid (later applied toward the deposit). If the design & estimate are approved a contract will be written up.


After the contract has been signed and a deposit (½ total, less CAD fee if applicable) has been paid then the materials & hardware will be ordered and work will commence.


We will do three custom color sample boards if a color has not already been found.
Once the stain / color is approved and the next deposit is paid the finishing process will begin.


A delivery / installation date will be scheduled. Delivery of a freestanding piece only requires approximately one hour on site. A full wall – wall, floor – ceiling unit will take 8-12 hours on site. On the day of delivery and installation the balance will be due upon completion.
This is only an overview of the process.
The contract will be binding once signed.